Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Short update

As I only have a minute before I have to run out the door:

Hourglass Sweater--haven't touched it.
S'mores socks--waiting on the yarn.
Cat barf socks--nope
Pomotamus--still kicking my butt
AIdans hat--more than half done!!

At least that's something positive.
And I've made a baby hat too. Typical me, forgot to take it's picture before I gifted it.
It's the baby hat from Last minute Knitted gifts in Mission Falls Peony seen here:

It was cute and for a cute baby!

things to do:
finish Aidan's hat,
do some Birthday knitting
Figure out my list for the holiday KAL that I'm a part of.
Write up the Kenya sock pattern
Maybe, actually finish a project?

I totally forgot to say that over Thanksgiving weekend we went to Mary Maxim's and all I bought was this:

It's kinda a strange thing--I can either buy everything or nothing.
So many nice things---so little $$.
So, I did treat myself to the pattern book because I have loved looking at other's versions of this cardigan.

Also, my sister was here on the weekend so we had to go "yarning". The Quinte Handspinners were having a demonstration/sale/enabling expedition so we went.

It was literally up the road and sooooo much fun. The weird thing is, even though I have never touched a spinning wheel--I walked in and named the brands just because I had seen pictures on other knitting blogs!!
It was nice--one nice lady asked me to sit down and spin--but since my sister had to get on the road I actually said No. (it hurt a little).

I soooo want to spin. They invited me to the guild, but since I have little ones and a hubby that is gone most nights...I do my crafting (knitting) at home..By myself.

They had spinners, weavers (a giant loom in the studio), handknit items, handspun...Felted things....Sigh.

I came home with just this:

Okay, apparently blogger would like you to turn sideways to see this picture.

I think the green will make some nice socks and the pink is for a hat for Princess B.

I actually touched the wool and was not afraid to buy it. It goes back to childhood--having a pair of wool pants that were so itchy that I had to wear nylons, tights and sometimes leggings under them and I'd still itch.

Wool, nice sheepy wool.

I did some enabling of my own. My sister was here to pack up the trailer for the winter and on the way out she introduced me to the niece of family friends who is a knitter also!
We told her about the spinning demo and since it was just at the end of the road, she should go.

We found her there later and on the way in she mentioned that she has a sheep farm. My sister and I actually stopped in our tracks and I said "You grow yarn!!!". They are meat sheep, but still, they have wool.

She asked if we knew any knitting websites. I laughed to myself and thought I could fill her e-mail with different pattern sites, blogs and "stuff".

speaking of "stuff" I've written too much. I think I'm being fuelled by the chocolate covered coffee beans I've been munching since yesterday...Maybe that's why I can't sleep.

tomorrow--some progress pictures and hopefully the Kenya sock pattern.