Thursday, October 12, 2006

What I did on my Thanksgiving Holiday

You'd think I did a lot of knitting right?
Nope, not really.
It was busy with (too much) driving, too much eating, never too much family and fun fun fun!

We drove home (my family side) Friday night and up to visit my step-brother, SIL and nephew's brand new house! (two words Gor-geous)

We had Thanksgiving dinner (all 16 of us), went for a nice hike, ate some more and then hubby had to drive back home here for church on Sunday.

Sunday afternoon we went to African Lion Safari (we lived 10 minutes from there growing up and went 1 time!) with the kids.
At what point do they actually have enough of an attention span or interest to notice the giraffe's and/or zebras outside and not say "Oh look, a dead tree" or "Oh look Mommy, water!"
Sigh--I had fun.

Some pictures of Princess B

We then had another Thanksgiving dinner with my cousin from BC.

I did stay up late some nights working on the sock.
Remember that sock?
Well now it looks like this:

This is all I have done on the sock.
This, after I had to rip back to the ribbing FOUR TIMES before I caught my groove.
I"d make it to row 12 over and over and then just get lost...I felt like telling the sock to get lost.
Finally yesterday I was able to sit down and work properly on the P-sock and now have finished up to row 22.
I'm actually getting it, and it feels good.
(SO good that I put the progress bar up to 15% to make it look like I've done something)

I was pretty frustrated on the weekend, so I cast on for the cat-barf-yarn sock for Jaywalkers for me.
I have only spent an hour on it, but I have this:

I'm starting to like it more and more...

And in bragging news:
Lolly featured the "I dreamed of Africa Sock" on her blog the other day.
It has also been featured on Flickr Explore--so lots of views on Flickr and hits on the blog.

A couple of people have asked for the pattern, so I will try to write it up in the next couple of days.

And that's my turkey day report.
speaking of Turkey, for some reason I have had a few hundred hits from Turkey in the past week.
something about the "Who wouldn't love a handknitted gift KAL" that I'm a part of--they keep finding it...So.

"Hi turkey".


Lexy Girl said...

I am definitely one of those wanting the pattern for the I dream of Africa sock... simply beautiful.

chop chop ;-)