Friday, October 13, 2006

What the freak Friday...

It was snowing here last night, people.

I went out for pizza and bowling with friends last night and there was enough snow on the highway that we were driving 40kms (24mph)and were sliding.
it's October!

I like snow in December, when it's white and fluffy and Christmas-y.
not in October when you're not sure the baby has boots or a warm coat, 'cuz now he's walking and he will want to run around outside...
blechy blech blech.

I actually just turned on the furnace in our house, thinking that maybe 15 (59F) degrees (Celsius) was a bit too cold for the kiddies.
but--on a good note--it's sweater weather!
woohoo...So I guess I should work on the hourglass....
nah, more sock knitting.
and tea drinking--I've got whatever cold little man has--wondering if his head is filling is full of fluid like mine is...


Kristin said...

the first snow is always the best--but it definitely sucks in October. Here in Texas we're just waiting for the temperature to drop below 75 degrees