Friday, October 20, 2006

Patons SWS...

If any of you are interested in trying to felt with this yarn, read on.
Or if you have felted with this yarn and are now laughing to yourself--just read on anyways.

I bought 2 balls of it for a felting project (didn't know what, just had to have it).
I decided to make a purse for a friend whose Birthday is today (Hi K!)

So..I made a booga bag--figuring with 2 balls it would be a little small but that would be fine.

Now I have felted before--and making the felted clogs that I have made usually takes between 30-50 minutes to felt properly.
So, I popped the purse in the wash, set the timer for 10 minutes (so the water wouldn't drain out)--got the baby up from his nap and went back downstairs to stop the washer.
When I peeked inside to "check" I actually did a double take.
I thought the purse had been caught in the washer and had ripped.
Just felted.
Whooooo-doggie did it felt!

This is before:

and after:

Yep--now it's about big enough to carry a cell phone and keys.
Luckily for me, my friend is not a huge purse person--she might just like it.

It's a bit dissapointing, but the colours are so gorgeous I will use it again.

Oh...that's yummy!

I went back to the LYS to show the owner and we had a good laugh.
She used 3 balls to make a purse that was supposed to end up 10X14 inches and it's 8 X 11.
She's really sweet--she offered to GIVE me her purse as she felt (no pun intended) bad that mine had become so small.

And she gave me buttons!!! She has been given jars and jars and jars of buttons by people who just wanted rid of them.
We searched through one jar and found the buttons for the "Charlie's Hat" for Aidan.

I guess if my friend doesn't like the purse, she could always use it a pencil holder???

Anyways..on to the blog love:
remember this lip balm that i ordered from JC Handmade?

IT's won-der-ful stuff. I carry it around in my pocket and put it on many times a day.
It smells exactly like she named it "warm pie" with just a hint of berries or something.

And--my yarn arrived from 'Through the Loops" so I started right back into my S'mores Jaywalkers. Yeah!!! (She also has a really funny Betty/Veronica comic up that's so cute)

Lime and Violet are back with a new podcast.
I get to hang out with K and have "grownup time" and watch a movie--yeah!
It's a good day!

Edited to add: Okay, not such a good day.
I gave the present--she loved it, we laughed, she admired the colours, showed it to her hubby and then.....
she started to scratch...
she's allergic to wool.
very allergic to wool.
i made her face puffy and she scratched herself almost raw until she washed the wooly bits off.
i am a bad bad friend.

um..yeah, so can you felt with cotton?
sigh--now i don't know what to make her......


lcord said...

That sucks about the felting, I can't believe how much it shrank. At least she can try to use it for smaller items!

Anonymous said...

Yay for grownup time! I finally got some today after my husband was gone for 4 weeks. I went to my LYS and knitted for a few hours.

I'm nervous about fulling my first real project. I made a belt and fulled it once, but really it didn't matter how it came out. Wish me luck!

canknitian said...

Sorry to hear that she was allergic to it. That really sucks.

I'm glad to know, though, that when they felt they really, really felt. I was thinking about making my niece a pair of mitts out of the SWS I bought the other week...given that she doesn't have much, much younger siblings, I think I'll go in another direction. :)

Kirsten said...

Thanks for the info on the SWS. I've got some in my stash, and it's nice not to have that kind of a surprise.

Sorry to hear about your friend's reaction. Perhaps you can sew a cotton bag for her?

amy said...

I completely agree- it felts faster than lightning.

Vallary said...

Unfortunately you can't felt with cotton....but I've heard that you can felt with alpaca. (I haven't tried it yet.)

It looks like you may have to make her a non-felted gift...

Christina said...

Maybe if you tried making this bag you'd end up with a normal size purse. ;)