Saturday, September 23, 2006

Saturday sky

There was a blogger that decided to do a Saturday Sky theme as things tend to slow down in blogland on weekends.
I know that all weekend I like to check my bloglines to see who's posting--and most often, it's

Weekends are lazy, I like to sit and drink coffee in my pj's, read, surf and do stuff online (when hubby is home to watch the young-uns).

Today, he's not home--but since I'm listening for little man to quiet for his nap, and since I found the camera and took some update shots, I thought I would share.

Saturday sky:

It looks blah, but that's what it is today--blah.

But on a good note, the cat barf yarn (I really need to stop saying that) looks a lot better--and kinda fun:

I even got crafty last night while waiting for Princess B to sleep--I made some ghetto stitch markers:

I say ghetto, because I didn't really do anything crafty to get them made.
I bought the jump rings, wire and charms at Michaels this week and didn't think to check the size of the jump ring--which is the part that actually goes on the needle.

It would have been nice to check that, since that is the size that is important.

I did some
searching for instructions, but none of them actually had sizes written.
Luckily these fit on the 4.5mm that I'm using for the hourglass--so it's helping me mark the sides for the increases.
I might make some more, if I can figure out how to use the wire to dangle it properly.

I heart ladybugs....

Progress shot:

that's all for me for today. I thought I would do some more yarn painting but I just found out I'm having company in 5 hours. Less painty--more clean-y!

Enjoy your weekend everyone!!!


Zarzuela said...

Very cute stitch markers. :) Nice hourglass too! :)