Saturday, September 02, 2006

sock on vacation

hi everyone.
i am baaaaaack.

we never did figure out how to get the pictures onto my sister's computer.
maybe because we have a different camera.
maybe because we had 3 children stuck to us all week (i say that in a good way--we had tons of fun) . we drank tea, knit, ate way too much and watched some 24 (i love me some 24)

i got a package from knitpicks (woohoo!) which i can't show you right now because:
A) I ripped into it as soon as I saw it
B) What was not immediately opened is now sitting outside in the car and since it's monsooning like crazy I am not running outside to get it.

what i will tell you is:
i ripped open the clover bamboos and immediately cast on for the opal flamingo socks using wendy's generic toe-up pattern.
i LOVE these socks.

4 nights of knitting and i have one done. (this being said, 4 nights equals about 1.5 hours each time, but really less than that because as soon as i sat my sorry self down on sisters big comfy couch i would nod off)
basically it would be about 8 episodes of 24 season 1 (this is my second time watching it--it's soooo addictive)

the sock did some tourist-y things too.... it went to the zoo

it did a lot of driving.

i had some trouble with the second sock. i finally got to listen to knitting podcasts on the i-pod and was listening to lime and violet.....when....
i laugh so hard i lost a toe.....ripped a stitch.....
i actually lost the provisional cast on for the second sock and had to start all over again.
those lime and violet girls are pretty funny....
it's another rainy day---and we are off to the cottage for a couple of days. not the best time to go for the weather, but hubby's family are all still there for the next 2 days so.
and since it's rainy--maybe that will give me the opportunity to sit and get a dent in the second sock... a girl can dream can't she???


Miss Lime said...

Sorry we made you loose your toe! I hope it wasn't too painful to repair though. I love the yarn you're using. The colors are gorgeous. It looks like the first sock, at least, was having a lot of fun too. :)