Saturday, September 09, 2006

Socks on a....

I don't' know. I've been listening to too much lime and violet.
they have a podcast episode called snakes on a podcast--where everything gets turned into movie references.
snakes on...Well, everything.

anyhow--I think I'm hopped up on too much sugar. It's fair weekend here in the county and we spent the afternoon running around and trying to keep princess b away from the rides and ice cream.
no. such. luck.
she had fun and got the largest ice cream ever.

on to the socks.
I took some shots tonight at 7pm when I got the camera back, because I couldn't wait to photograph the picot edges.
I'm still undecided, but I think I like the larger one better.
what'ya think?

I have to decide and then re-do the other sock.

and now I bring to you, a collage:
the flamingo socks and the flamingos that we saw in Kenya: (note, if you watched the constant gardener, the lake where she is "found" is the lake where we saw these flamingos)

I'm about to cast on for the hourglass sweater..I'm a little worried about sizing and am reading up on negative ease.
anyone know about this and care to comment??