Friday, August 25, 2006

gone swimmin...

well not really swimmin..
i'm at my sisters in rochester.
my SIL is getting married today and i'm going to stay on a week to do some stitchin, some chatting and some...whatever!
i'll still blog--i'm going to get my sister blogging here too.

there might even be a "sock on vacation" picture....

edited to add: no pictures yet, as my sister doesn't have a "thingy" that lets you just upload the pictures on the computer--y'know, a "thingy".
at home we have a "thingy" that you just stick your memory card into, it takes the pictures off....magic....magic thingy.
so, i havn't figured out how to get my pictures on their computer yet, therefore no pictures.
the sock is doing well...i've knit on it two nights and i'm almost half done.
the sock has gone to the zoo, almost to a wedding and may have more adventures yet.
we'll see if i can get something to work...or find the "thingy".