Tuesday, June 13, 2006

bad murphys law....

as i don't believe in karma..it's just my luck.
i started to wind the yarn around some chairs as i have seen in a few tutorials.
i get 2 loops around and of, course....wait for it:
my yarn is in knots.

what are the odds that i get knotted yarn with every ball i touch. i held the hank gently, i didn't play with it, nothing!!!
i started the one, got 2 loops around saw the knots and went directly to the other hank....
same problem.

what do i do now??? any thoughts???
i have a ball winder but not a swift...
i will either have to wrap the whole thing into a ball then back around the chairs or....what???
i don't know what else.
i don't want to cut it, as it seems the layers of yarn just wrap around eachother in the hank....

i so wanted to dye yarn tonight..instead i see myself spending more hours unravelling knots.
like so many times before.

sniff sniff.