Friday, June 30, 2006

orange alert

it's a long forgotten project.
it the dropped stitch tank from lionbrand that i started about 3 summers ago.
the pattern had a mistake in it (at the time) and since that affected how the dropped stitches were dropped and that i couldn't bear to frog it and knit the whole boring stockinette stich thing again, it's been sitting in a pile.
the yarn is just some cheap cotton really-big-bag-for-nothing, yarn.
my sister made the same tank in the same yarn, only in purple.
i pulled it out and thought "how hard could this be?"
i've been reading some back posts of the harlot's and since she had a think for tanks, it got me thinking it might actually wear this.
so what did i do first? took the tank outside for a photo shoot.

again, princess b wanted her feet in the picture

here's a picture that shows the skinny-ness (word??) of the front strap.

this doesn't look like a strap to me, more like a big orange snake or slimey the worm.
by the way--have you seen annypurls slimey??
isn't it awesome???!!!!

back to the tank: so far i have picked up and knit the ribbing bands on the front and back.
now,i just have to figure out what on earth is wrong with the strap.
if there is a mistake, then i am done. see--you have to drop the stitched as you bind of the neck edge. if there is a mistake with finishing the strap then i have to rip back all the neck shaping but i can't get the dropped stitched back...i can't even fathom having to pick them up with a crochet hook...aaah.

oh well--we'll see what happens.
but on another note: i'm sooooo excited.
i am getting my first knitpicks order!! i had the stuff sent to my sister as she lives in the states and would qualify for free shipping!!!
she's coming today and i hope the stuff gets there in time. i have been stalking the UPS tracker code and it might just make it.
i bought some andean silk to make the hourglass sweater. i could not justify buying the noro cash iroha--with the cost of the yarn i've seen lately, it would cost me $150 to make it.
since i am always the one spilling stuff on myself, $150 is way too much.
i also ordered the mason-dixon knitting book as i couldn't resist. i've been fascinated by all the dishcloths being knit over on the KAL site.

since my family is coming for the weekend, i might not be posting anything for a while. my sister is 15 minutes staying at the camp and my dad/step-mom/step-sister will be here for the weekend.
the evening service are prime knitting time though!! 2 hours with no kids! wohoo!!!

tomorrow is canada day and we hope to get to the kids carnival in town. hubby is in hot-dog eating contest to raise money for the $500,000 sk8park that is coming to town. he's the president of the committee--so he 'gets to" do all of these event.
last year was gross--to watch grown men scarf down as many hot-dogs as they can eat in 10 minutes--dipping the hotdogs in water to soften the bread...yucky..

anyways. this was a big post, and that was a lot of links. are you still here??
i am learning that there are some people reading!!
hello people!!
more later....