Friday, June 23, 2006

yummy yarn it is:
finally my kool-aid dying adventure!
i started this at 10:30 or so last night.
i wound and wound for a while (since my yarn got tangled i rolled it into balls, but they aren't the same size, so i just did 60 repeats and hope it was good):

unrolling the balls was actually fun. it just ran through my fingers rather than having to unwind a hank (finally something easy!!!)
action shot:

then i measured the thirds--as i had three colours. i was going to do 4, but realized that the ch-ch-changing cherry meant green (!!) not pink.
after the math, i took a snack break:

then i did some rinsing while i prepared the colours:

the yellow wasn't very bright, but they didn't have yellow kool-aid so i used crystal lite--which might have sugar in it.

i nuked it for 2 minutes checked it and repeated a few times. i ended up microwaving for 8 minutes total. then i hung it and gently squeezed the water out.

i remembered not to put any cold water on it, for fear of felting. after it had cooled, i rinsed and put it back on the chairs to dry.

this morning i started to wind it into a skein (the oldfashioned way, on my arm) but didn't get a chance to finish yet.

here's what i have:

sorry about the crappy picture.

i will skein it properly and then have a photo session outside to admire all the pretty colours.
the orange is brighter/darker than i thought it would be and the yellow is not dark enough..but for a first try, i'm pretty happy.
i soooo could get obsessed with this...