Saturday, June 17, 2006

I went!

I finally went to rosehaven farms!!!

I decided to just go with the kids and fondle the yarn.
the owner wasn't when we first got there but they were having a spinning class and we got to see them spin novelty yarns. princess b got a kick out of seeing them "make yarn".
she was cute, we walked in the yarn shop and she says "What's that smell". It smelled like wool...nice earthy smell-so I said "it' smells like yarn".

I got to see yarn that I have only ever read about and not ever seen before: rowan, noro: (cash iroha which I might but to make the hourglass sweater), kureyon, silk garden, malabrigo, manos, fleece artist, debbie bliss and on and on.
and the coolest thing?
we got to meet the ram that "donated" the fleece used by the toronto spiders in the back to back wool challenge!
I had read about it on
wannietta's blog.

the owner is a hoot!

she showed us all around, showed us the barn and talked about the property a bit. it's up for sale but she wants to keep the yarn store and move into town (closer to me!! ha ha).
I will go back--I just was overwhelmed with all the stuff I have never seen before.

so this is all I bought:

and closer:

oooh I love it!!!

I need to do some research on my patterns and see what I else I should make. I still have that birthday money that is burning a hole in my pocket.

I also may buy some lamb cuts which kinda feels wrong...but I want to try everything.

this is also the place that will have mags kandis of mission falls fame there (oh yes, I said there) for a workshop in the fall..I might need to go.
she also said she can order special colours of things, or get some rowan denim if I want...

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Amy said...

I'm so jealous! Sounds like it was a great time. I'd love to make the hourglass sweater, too. Beautiful summery coloured yarn you got, have fun knitting it up.

Donni said...

lovely looking yarn - what a great visit.