Tuesday, June 13, 2006

knitting, no pictures

I have been knitting and working on the toe-up baby jays all weekend but their not finished yet.
I had some tangles (what would my knitting be w/out tangles) and some frogging to do.
I found a slight mistake in the pattern (I think) and I didn't get the proper increases.
I also made the foot too long before starting the heel. little man was sleeping but I know that his foot was not THAT big.
I also tried doing 2 at once, but that didn't work so well.
anyways...I have finally caught my groove, figured out what to do, I just need measure little man's feet and I keep forgetting to do that.
I also received my dye-your-own-superwash-merino from stick-chick.
I have never dyed anything before so I am very excited.
princess b is excited too--she REALLY wants to help. she even picked out some pink kool-aid (cherry) as she wants to dye some too!
(I don't know who is more excited, me or her! we were going to do it today, but since there were some bedtime-discipline issues, we have to wait until we have "obeyed")
I really want to rip into it now...but I will wait.