Friday, June 09, 2006

updates and the blahs...

i've finished my ankle socks a la alison, in fact i've been wearing them almost every day.
i like them alot!
if i made them again i think i'd make them a bit taller..maybe do a toe up pattern.
i have a little ball left over, but not enough to do anything with.

i started some
toe-up baby jays (baby jaywalkers) for little man. i got one half finished last night during a movie and was thinking they'd be way too big, but then remembered how fat his feet are.
they are cute and i can't wait to get them finished!!

tomorrow is
world wide knit in public day and i might have an opportunity to KIP.
hubby has his
annual sk8boarding competition tomorrow and will be gone all day but i've already warmed him up to the idea of me sneaking out at 7am to Tim's to sit and have coffee and knit a sock.

it's about all i can do.
that's it for me for now...

i haven't done much this week. i think it's the weather. the constant rain just makes me want to sleep and right now i am not anxiously awaiting another knitting project...the blahs have set in.

we did some work in the garden and then it turned into more work.
i was about to put my vegetables in and wondered why i kept striking rock. i thought there was something weird last year but didn't investigate enough.
apparently there are large cement slab sections under our garden in the middle of the yard?
i asked hubby if they were some foundation for the shed or the pool..but he doesn't think so.
luckily they were in such a place that we dug them into walkways!
here is hub and princess B "helping"

more sock progress tomorrow.....


AddCaster said...

Weird. It's probably a sacred indian burial ground. You're going to have indians banging on your door asking for old artifacts or to dig around in your garden. This was on Joey, did you see this episode?