Tuesday, June 27, 2006

nothing to see here...

yes, yet again i am destined to unravel knots in my yarn.
my lovely kool-aid yarn---i wrapped it so carefully. i held it ever so gently...i didn't fiddle with it.
i even looped spare yarn around it so if i set it down to tend to the children it wouldn't get wrecked.
but still---BIG tangles.
i spent the last 2 hours unravelling enough to do about 10 turns of the ball winder...
sigh---it is my destiny.
maybe i should just have a professional ball winder....i remember "the harlot" blogging about having a "yarn boy" for the cover of her book shoot...(side note: i have recently gone back to read the original posts of the harlot's blog--spent two nights reading the first 3 months of posts. all i can say is---WOW she's funny...just crazy funny)

anyways, yarn boy...
someone to fetch coffee, wind yarn, tend to the screaming children that need tending too (we have a 3 y/old who hasn't had a good nights sleep in a couple of weeks and a 14 month old who is getting 5 teeth--yes i said 5.....4 molars and an eye tooth..makes me want to cry...can Mommy take the tempra too???)
i will show you something so that you all dont' die of boredom or remove me from your blog roll..
wait, does anyone have me on a blog roll??
i know one person does...if you're reading this and you live in the same hometown that produced avril lavigne --HELLO!!!!

okay so pictures--i also recently read that the harlot likes to take pictures of her yarn in and amongst her flowers etc, which makes the neighbours think she's even more of a nut.

my neighbourhood is kinda strange--we've lived here 3 years and i've seen the woman next door 1 time--not even met her, just seen her.
i met the nice ladies on the other side one day when the dog locked me out of the house (yes, it's true--try explaining that to the locksmith).
so my neighbour across the street is the lawyer that helped us buy our house--seen her about 5 times and the other neighbours...
well let's just say there's a 40-ish year old man who for some reason (insert various drugs here) has many many teenagers who like to hang around his house. i'm not yet sure who actually lives there as the tenants seem to change almost weekly.
i do know that there are many cars that "stop-by" for a few minutes at all hours of the day and night...my favourite times are when the 17-ish boy screams really horrible names at his little 14-ish year old g/friend at 3 am.

so, basically i could shear a sheep on my front lawn and no-one who is sober would be around to witness it...
so on friday i did this:

princess b ate a popsicle and stared at me quizzically. she wanted her feet in the picture.
i had a friend drop by and was trying to briefly explain "kool aid yarn" and the need to photograph it in good light...
the response was "okay"

oh well....
this is my yarn:

this is my yarn on my dutchman's pipe:

(which would be a different pipe than my neighbours have)

i can't stop with the drug jokes, i just can't. i thought at first maybe it was mean, like maybe i had horribly misjudged them and i should bring over muffins or something...but then after i had it somewhat confirmed that it was a drug house..i just can't help but say "a-ha, i knew it!!"

yeah, so that's about the longest non-knitting related rant i have ever posted.
most of the time i dont' post if i am feeling guilty for not having accomplished anything.
it's just been too hot to do anything and while having untangelled so much yarn might make me feel great when it's all over who really wants to see a picture of a wound up ball of yarn???

wendy has created some utterly amazing fair isle sweater in the time it has taken me to play with kool-aid and unravel some knots.

i'm wound up---i need to go to sleep. i started this post while waiting up for hubby as he is away
"working' at Canada's Wonderland with his teens (he is a Youth Pastor)..well i guess it is work.
when you get up at 5:30am to drive 3 hours with about 80 teenagers, that is work.
now that i am boring myself with this post..i will go...


Amy said...

Hey from 'the Nap' wanna Home Hardware t-shirt? We've got truckloads :)
I love your Kool Aid yarn! Where'd you get the au naturel hanks from? I want to do the same thing to get some other people interested in knitting around here.
Keep working on that tangly mess - there really are people out there who want to see how delicious it looks when it's all wound up!

Bossygirl said...

Your post made me laugh!!! I hate the tangle thing. Nothing makes me crazier faster in my knitting world that untangling a skein of yarn. Maybe you should take it over to the drug house and they could work on it awhile...there's bound to be some downtime over there, don't you think??? *L*

Ann-Marie said...

ha ha bossygirL!
yes, i should get them to help..
a "community service project"
thanks for the comment!!