Thursday, February 22, 2007

Pictures, pictures galore


So the last few posts have been many words, not many pictures.

Let's change all that.

First of all:
Little shop update over
here. (or click the link on the sidebar)

I'm calling this one "Barbie Dreamhouse"

Totally reminds me of the Barbie house that my sister had when we were kids.
Those bright pinks and oranges....yummy.
I had fun with this one, and it turned out exactly as I wanted.


There has been baby knitting:

This picture is a bit deceiving. My hat is the purple one in the top left corner.

Now, I should have known that there would be a pattern error, since the book is FULL of them, but I had only seen others blog about the larger versions of the hats.

Sure enough, I finished the hat and went to put the i-cord through and there is one extra hole (or one fewer, depending on how you look at it)--which means that the hat can't be threaded and tied properly.

I decided to see if I could just fudge it and put the extra hole at the back, but I think it might make the tie funny.

I did gift the hat and then asked the Mom if I could have it back to fix it--and I'll give it to her in a few days.

I googled and googled and found where others had blamed their own knitting for getting the extra hole, but still no pattern errata on the book's site. GRRRR.

Anyways, should be a quick fix.

I had dyed some other yarn in a colourway I was loving until--I went to wind it into a larger skein.

Knots knots and knots.
I spent hours trying to pick out the knots and realized it was making the yarn fuzzier and so I stopped and (gulp) cut.

I posted these as "free to a good home" on a message board I belong to, but no one has claimed them yet.

If you are interested--first one to comment or send an
e-mail can have them for free.

UPDATE: taken!!!!

This colourway is called "Goth Punk Princess" (my friend named it)

The 3 skeins are about 50 yards, 110 yards and 210 yards respectively (funny how the yardage just worked out like that).

and in "just blogging" and kid news...ever think you're kids are weird?? maybe funny is the better word.

last night while making dinner Princess B was playing with a word-whammer that we got as a Christmas gift...this is the best toy ever!

She was spelling words and asked me few times what she had spelled. Are you ready?


OK, so maybe not so weird, but of course in my head I'm saying "That drug is not FDA approved" (I watch too many medical shows) and then thought about changing the letters, again and again and again, then washing my hands (little OCD humour....)

A few minutes ago she was eating an early lunch (typical PB sandwich cut into a shape)

and she says, "Mommy, I love you with all my heart" and holds up her heart shaped sandwich.

Okay, so that's not weird, just cute.

My brain is all in a ramble today. Too much sleep. Yes, I actually got too much sleep last night.
I went to bed at 8pm with Princess B. I thought I'd just doze with her and then get up later, but I didn't' waken until 4:30am when Little man got up wanting to watch "Cars". (I love that movie, but not at 4:30am). I feel good today though..I think I needed that sleep.

So, some pictures, some kid stories, some ramblings.

That's all for me folks.

Go check out the store.

p.s. anyone know why since blogger changed to beta the spacing is all weird. i keep getting HUGE spaced in between sentences and paragraphs. anyone know how to fix this? I've edited this post about 4 times, but as soon as I hit publish it will mess up again.

Edited to add: Oh I forgot one more picture.

This is the mail haul from yesterday.

All for me!

My Spring IK arrived (it took 3 tries and 1 month for the Winter issue, so this was a surprise)

Some spring previews from Random House

2 CD's (one from a blog contest, and the other as a late Christmas Gift from my Dad)

and my Spin to Knit book.

OOOOOH fun stuff.


dragon knitter said...

blogger tends to add big spaces when you post pictures. i don't know why. i'm aobut ready to email blogger over it (that, and the fact that when you tab from the comment box, it does NOT go to the word verification box, but the handicapped emblem. you can't tab to the durned box, and that is very annoying)


Hm, I don't know why your blogger does that. Of course, I post HTML, so...I'm no help at all.

I'll take those! They're perfect for me! Worsted weight?