Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Lost and Found

Ever wonder how people find you?
When I started blogging I wondered how on earth these knit bloggers could have thousands of people who read them every day.
I know that some have been around for a few years, some have written amazing patterns and/or books. Some host KAL's.
I wondered who on earth would ever read my little blog.

I started joining KAL's (the Sockapaloooza's, Christmas KAL's etc etc) and got some readers.
I was part of the Knitting Olympics, joined team Canada and got some readers (even found someone I knew in high school!!).
I made a pattern and got some readers.
it goes on.

I have a stat counter that lets me see how many hits I get each day on the blog. It also lets me see how people found me and what searches are being done that land people on my site.

Because I have the name "chicks" in my site, there are searches.
To whomever typed "chicks striping" and found me...I'm pretty sure this is not the site you are looking for. You should learn to spell. Actually don't learn to spell since you shouldn't be looking at that stuff anyways!

There are more that don't make any sense

I apparently have a following in Turkey. Yes, that's right, Turkey. I get about 5-20 hits a day from Turkey, all because of a Christmas gift KAL that I've participated in
Why do people from Turkey like this site? It's not the same person either, many different people from different cities. Strange.

I get hits from the pattern that I wrote up. Sometimes it's because people have seen the picture on
Flickr. It was a featured picture on Flickr so there's some traffic from that.
And I'm finding the pattern posted in free sock pattern message boards...this little pattern gets around.

And then I find
translated the page and it means "blog of job to mesh".
Yes that's exactly why I started this blog. Thanks!
What does that even mean?


I was also trying to figure out how I found knit blogs. I think I saw a pattern on and went to the designers blog (don't' remember who, don't remember when).
Then that blog linked to other blogs and so on and so on.
Now I have 107 feeds in my Bloglines. Not all are knitting blogs, but most of them are.
I obviously don't read them all every day. Some I need to get rid of because they aren't as interesting to me anymore.
I have some regular readers who are now probably sorry that they are subscribed to me.
Lots of words lately, not many pictures.

But there will be pictures today or tomorrow. Because..
I dyed more yarn. I did about 5 hanks yesterday.
1 was hand painted, not so good. How on earth people get good results with this is beyond me.
I am in love with the kettle dyeing and the dip dyeing.

Okay, so my quiet afternoon has begun. Just got back from a play-date.
Baby sleeping: check
Princess B watching a quiet movie: check
Yarn to wind: check X 5.