Sunday, February 04, 2007

i'm baaaaack

Did you miss me?
Did I knit? Yes I did

On the way I realized that Princess B does not have any mittens. She has managed to lose one of each pair and does not actually own any proper mittens for skiing in.

So, being the shamed knitterly-Mother I am, I grabbed a bag of yarn and my Knitting Without Tears Book as we were flying out the door.

I swatched, I did not measure, I fudged the adult pattern and after 2.5 hours of driving, I had one mitten.

That night I had another mitten.

Princess B went skiing in brand new, warm, woolen, PINK mittens.

I present, the Pink Fudge Mittens (Fudge because I fudged the pattern--get it?)

(TV Remote to signify this was done while vegging on vacation..not that it was really a vacation...but still, it's away)
How I love EZ. Her pattern--cast on: do this, blah blah, do that, blah blah, add thumb and done!!
So, Princess B went skiing and I stayed behind and would like to say that I did a lot of knitting by the fireside, but since little man only slept 1 hour during the day (one hour...wwaaaaah).
I did little during the day, except play with this:

She is an antique wheel that my FIL's Mother bought at an antique store. It's never been used by this family--so (shhhh don't tell anyone ) I took it out for a test drive.
It actually spun nicely, except when the cord came off the wheel and the tension messed up and I couldn't get it back again and my yarn started to unply itself.

Oh, and when we were leaving today FIL said "when I find a place for it" I can have the wheel!!

So, this is what Princess B did all day:

Yes that would be her four-year-old-self Skiing !!! There is only about 15 seconds of video, but there is this picture and I love it (and it scares me)

This is how I spent my evenings:

Sock Knitting and Satellite (we only have basic cable, so to be able to watch the same Episode of Grey's Anatomy or Law and Order over and over for 3 hours is very exciting to me...I didn't, but I could have!!!!).
I was a little progress machine. The Zebra socks for hubby--I feel like I've been knitting them for weeks. Oh yeah, that's because I have....I feel like I knit and I never get anywhere.

So, I've developed a game for myself. When I pick it up, I put a little marker and I show myself my progress.

Here's this week so far:

I've now done the flap but not the heel as I didn't bring this book with me. Silly me--I thought I wouldn't get through 2 mittens and a whole sock in 2 days....

And I did a little bit of drop spindle spinning today while waiting for hubby to pack the car.

I picked up some more roving and talked with the shop owner about dyeing....I'm still not sure what I did with that Romney, but I got some yummy Corriedale cross and it's soft.

I think I will just leave it, and dye it afterwards.

I want to spin tomorrow to get ready for my first spinning day! I'm going on Wednesday to the monthly meeting of the spinning guild. I'm so excited.

I told the spinning/LYS owner about my wheel and she said to bring it along and she'd show me how to figure out my tension and take a look at the wheel.....Sooooooo excited.

So, there was knitting, skiing, food, spinning, knitting and some frolicking in the hot-tub. Princess B got in before the heater was turned on and had a swim.
She had fun.

And that was my weekend. How was yours?


Allegra said...

Sounds like such a wonderful weekend! And your Monkey is AWESOME!


Ah, good times! Look at that, you have made progress. lol It's weird how it doesn't seem like you do, especially on boring ribs or plain stockinette.