Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Just a quick note.
there has been spinning, there has been knitting (baby stuff and socks) just haven't been taking pictures or feeling like blogging.

This caught my attention today when blog-surfing.
A teacher has been charged and is facing 40 years in prison b/c her classroom computer popped up pornographic ads. Not because she was doing anything wrong, but because some students were using her computer (without permission) and had visited a site that contained inappropriate content. Also because of the archaic security features on her computer--courtesy of the school board. (Apparently they let the anti-virus lapse and her computer was on an old operating system that opened it to be vulnerable to virus' and pop-up ads).
She was also under orders not to turn the computer off--so ads kept popping up and she kept trying to shut them down.
The Police charged her due to the outrage of the parents whose kids accidentally saw some inappropriate images. The Police admittedly did not check the security features on the computer, did not check to see if there was spy-ware on the computer and charged her thinking she was intentionally surfing the Internet during class time.
To think that this woman could spend years in prison for something that was first of all not her fault and secondly out of her control is ridiculous.

You can do some more searching if this story is of interest to you.
And if you have it in your hear to help the family out, give here.


Karoli said...

Thank you for posting about this and for leaving a comment on my post. I'm glad you did for Julie's sake but also because I found your blog, which I'm really enjoying. That pizza made my mouth water!


That is ridiculous. Insane even. Stuff like that upsets me.