Tuesday, February 27, 2007


to those who visited my store and for those who bought something.
I've sold 4.. which by comparison to some that sell out in 9 minutes, isn't much--but I"m proud.

The orders have been shipped and I need more yarn! I have dyed all the blanks that I got and if I want to do more (and I do want to do more) then I need more yarn.
One of the dye-jobs is staying with me, as it was an "oops". I tried a new technique that I read about in the Twisted Sisters Sock Book--it didn't work for me.

Here's a cute picture for today.

This is baby M--isn't she yummy?
Here's the little had I made for her and her Mommy with the crochet hat.
I still think the Mommy hat is a bit short--but her Mommy is so polite I don't' think she's going to let me fix it.
What do you think?

I've been podcasted!!!
Yep, I was following the trail to see the blog of someone who bought my yarn and found this.

She did a podcast about dyeing and mentioned my little shop. (not sure if it's in the podcast but I'm mentioned in the show notes)
Wow. I'm amazed.
I have to wait until tonight when the kiddos are sleeping, to listen to the pod-cast. But I can't wait.

Now, I'm off to order some more yarn.



Those hats are too cute!! :)

Anonymous said...

I have approximately 2000 blanks for sale if you are interested bellatree@inbox.com :) @ cost