Sunday, February 25, 2007

I've joined the dark side

others have done it here and here.
I've learned to crochet.

A while back a friend asked me if I could
make a hat for her. I told her that the pattern was crochet and I didn't' know how.
Since that time, I've been trying to teach myself to gift this to her for Christmas or for whatever.
It didn't happen for Christmas and try as I might, I could not get the hang of this--my hat would have made a great can cozy, but did not resemble a hat.
This friend just had a baby and so I figured that now would be a good time for her to get a little something as well.
This past Thursday a friend was over, telling me about how on her week off she crocheted 3 hats. I immediately found the pattern, handed her the yarn and said "show me".
She helped me figure out what I've been doing wrong and then I was all set.
I started it Thursday night, worked on it about an hour on Friday, some more yesterday and finished it last night!!
I gifted it today and true to my-style forgot to take a picture.
So, when the baby hat and Mom hat picture arrives maybe I'll post it here.

...but. Oh.My.Word. Crochet is fast!!!
Now, I have not slipped far enough to make stuff like
But it's nice to know that I can learn something new.

I have been learning more about dyeing yarn as well.
There will be a big update in
the shop tomorrow. (Hubby is as we speak? type? fixing my swift so I can re-skein the yarn).
SO excited...I'm loving the process of dyeing the yarn and did 8 skeins on Friday/Saturday.
That's the end of the yarn blanks that I have.
So, IF they sell then I will do more, if they don't...well I guess it wasn't meant to be.
...and I'll have a lot more sock yarn at my house.

Here's a preview:

I'm off to wind.
See you tomorrow.


Deneen said...

Sheesh-I've always thought of knitting as the dark side.

AmysBabies said...

welcome to the dark side! You'll liek it here *sinister laughter* ;)

dragon knitter said...

the dark side is spinning, honey, cuz then you can provide for both crafts. that just makes you bicraftual.

i've been crocheting since i was 5, and knitting since i was 10, so i'm equally at home with either. the biggest drawback to crochet is the amount of yarn it eats. the same size project will take 1/3 more yarn than a knitted one.

that said, you're right. crochet is amazingly fast. i am a part of a yahoo charity group, and i committed to 2 newborn sweaters and 2 preemie sweaters. of those 4, i've finished 3, and i didn't start until last tuesday. i'm hunting a pattern for the 4th, and all this is due on thursday. wheeee! i'll have it done, and still have time to knit another pair of socks for Afghans for Afghanistan