Thursday, February 08, 2007

You spin me right round....

I'm still so excited about spinning yesterday.
It was so much fun, but no pictures.

It went from 10am-2pm with not that much spinning going on. They chatted and caught up, there was lunch and a dyeing demonstration!!! They were dyeing different wools with ammonia and ammonia/cooper. It was interested to learn a bit about natural dyeing.

I got there and everyone was so friendly and welcoming. They gushed over the wheel and said that I should have brough hubby for show and tell!
One lady was very friendly (and owns an alpaca farm--there's going to be field trip in the spring).
One lady showed me some things and got me started.
Then they had the "business" side of things--and since I still felt nervous spinning around them I knit on hubby's sock.
We broke for lunch and I ate quickly and got back to spinning.
Then, the "spinning guru" sat next to me and showed me some stuff. She taught me about tension and that the band could go on different spots on the bobbin, talked about twist etc.
Showed me a bit more about drafting and attaching more fibre.
I filled about 1/2 a bobbin and spun longer than I ever have before.
She is the lady that owns a LYS--she ordered me a niddy-noddy last week and it had arrived just before she came to the meeting.
So I came home with these pretties:

what's the bag??
about a pound of fleece!!

One of the older members of the guild is moving and brought boxes of yarn, books etc and this bag. She came over to welcome me and told me I could have the bag....
I almost hugged her, but managed to contain myself.

It needs combing and apparently i can use a dog brush for that....

I then went to the mail and finally got my package from Knitpicks. Now i have more yarn blanks to dye and a yardage measure so i can split my larger hanks in two....
So excited.
The kids had a good day with Daddy and were all cuddly when I got home.

A good day all around!!!


Deneen said...

Sounds like it was wonderful-lucky you. Cool score on the fleece (I haven't seen a rexall bag in the US since I was a kid!).


That sounds like so much fun!! I love to spin, it's relaxing isn't it? Can't wait to see pictures of the things you've been spinning. :)