Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Send tea..and chocolate

I'm sick.
Like, really sick.
It hurts to type (so why am I typing?)
It hurts to sit, to sleep, to stand. Hurts to eat.
I have some sort of weird cold that developed yesterday.
I felt weird in the morning and started sneezing which is "the sign" that I'm getting a cold.
Usually when that happens I start taking Vitamin C and echinacea and drink lots of water and I'm fine. Not this time.
By the early afternoon I knew I was in trouble--every joint started to hurt, my stomach was weird and my head felt like it was splitting off my skull. (I'm a migraine sufferer as well, so I've had that feeling before).
Luckily hubby was home working on computer stuff and I just told him--You're in charge.
I had to run off to sleep. I don't even remember closing my eyes the first time but awoke about 2 hours later feeling worse.
I came down to get some supplies--Advil, Vit C, echinacea and water and apparently looked like something the dog threw up--hubby was scared.
I slept all evening until Princess B woke me up to put her to bed.
"Are you okay Mommy? Would you like me to sing you a song? You'll be okay, you just sleep".
She was pretending to sleep, so after a 1/2 hour of her wiggling, kicking and turning lights on i left to go downstairs.
I vegged for a few hours and woke up sometime this morning.
Hubby asked if I was okay and could he go to work--I think i just stared at him as I trudged off to bed.
I slept all day--don't even remember going to sleep.
I have been trying to listen to some podcasts
Knitting Psychos, Unwound, Knitty D and the city because I can't even knit.

Too sick to knit.
That is sad.

I tried some soup--it didn't like me. So far tea is going okay.
I really just want to watch a silly movie and couch some more.
It's almost bed time for the kids--and apparently Princess B has been sleeping for a couple of hours--which means that she is sick too.
She NEVER naps (not even as a baby, but that's another story).
I hope I feel better soon and that no-one else in the family gets this.

Per my title, I'd love to have some chocolate, but apparently my taste buds have left me.
The lovely lavender tea that hubby made tastes a bit like...water.

Make it stop.



Oh how horrible!! It's going around I guess, the kids are sick here. You definitely need some sleep. Chocolate might be best when you are in recovering mode.

Wendy said...

I am sorry you are so sick. I hope you feel better soon. Hopefully some green tea or ginger ale will help.

Manda said...

I'm sorry you're sick.. I hope you feel better soon!!

Deneen said...

I wish I could make it stop-feel better!

meg said...

You poor thing! Sounds like the flu, not just a piddling cold.

Take care of yourself - drink your fluids even if they don't taste right. Hope you are feeling better soon!