Thursday, February 01, 2007

Get this monkey off my back..

as everyone is saying, this is an addicting pattern.

I started the
Monkey sock from Knitty. It's by Cookie A., writer of fabulous patterns.
The pattern right now is an 11 row repeat which is easy to remember while on each row.
I've also set it down a few times and have not been lost coming back to it (unlike
Pomotomus which gave me grey hair!!)

This is an arm shot and i rotated it around a few times, but this gives the best view of the pattern.
I'm going to call this the "Strange Little Monkey" sock, as it's done in
Vesper's "Strange Little Mama" colourway.

I wasn't' too sure about this yarn since it split a lot just winding it into a ball-but it feels like butter to knit with. Every time i touch it I'm amazed at how squishy it feels.
There's just something about it.

It's striping really nicely too.

I <3 this sock
That's it for me...I'm going skiing for the weekend..
Well, okay hubby and Princess B are going skiing. I'll be sitting by the fire with my knitting and chasing little man through the non-baby-proof chalet....



That is gorgeous! I love it!

I started knitting your sock pattern today, and have already found a few things out. I'll email you to let you know what things in the pattern you may want to change. You'll have to wait until I update the blog to see them though. lol

ashley said...

Thos are Gorgeous!

I Really like the way they look with that yarn.