Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Another day, another trip to the ER

Yep, except this time it was for little man.
Why is it always on a Wednesday?
(little side note: in our little town the Dr's offices are not open on Wednesdays. Those of you from Ontario remember a little think called Rae-Days? Yeah, well they still do that here)
Every time I've had a real emergency it's been on a weekend or a Wednesday.

So, today the little monkey was playing his game of jump over the couch in the playroom, into the piano room. He is not allowed in the front room because:
a) he goes over and eats the dog food
b)he goes upstairs and the railings are not safe upstairs. (old house, wide railing slats)

I picked him up and put him back on the safe side, in the playroom and got the toy dog he wanted and was walking back around to close the door to stop the game, when I head a big bang and the start of a cry.
I walked back around and he was lying on the hardwood floor crying so hard he had yet to take a breath. I was frustrated that nothing seems to work to keep him from jumping over the couch, and upset that he was hurt.
When I picked him up the scary stuff happened.
He went limp in my arms and passed out.
I put him down on my arm to look at him and his eyes were rolling back in his head.
I called his name and he tried to look at me, his pupils were huge and scary and then his eyes just kept rolling back in his head. I screamed.
Hubby came running and when Aidan heard him he woke up and then started crying.
The whole thing lasted about 15 seconds but felt like a lifetime.

He actually let me rock him and then went all quiet again--but was just relaxed. Then as if nothing happened, he was back to normal...laughing at the dog and talking a mile a minute.
I checked him over and looked at his head, eyes and mouth and he seemed fine.
I talked to him about falling and he said "oh, noggin".

Made a call to the Tele-health (Call centre of Nurses sponsored by the Government)
who said to take him in to the hospital.
When we sat down with the Nurse and I was telling the story about the couch he said "Couch, ouch noggin" and rubbed his head.
Crazy monkey.
The Dr says he likely passed out from lack of oxygen (from not breathing for a few seconds) and not likely from the bump to the head. Since I really have no idea whether he landed on his head or slipped after, it's hard to say.

He's been fine all day and when he tried to jump over the couch again I told him
"No, ouch noggin" and he got back down.
Let's hope that works...
It's a wonder they survive childhood at all...


pam said...

That's totally scary, I probably would have passed out right beside him. My daughter fell and broke her front teeth when she was about 2 and the huge amount of blood had me sobbing and screaming while MY mother took over with the cold face cloth all calm and collected...guess it takes practice!

Glad he's alright! That cracks me up he calls his head a "noggin". Too cute.

Like your blog, found you from Craftster!


Yikes! That is so scary. One of the scariest things that happened to me was Thanksgiving of last year when we thought that Heather had broken her arm.

Turns out she just pinched a nerve. Silly goose.

Glad to hear he's okay. :)

robyn said...

oh my awesomeness. my brothers used to do stuff like this all the time! and my monkey (boyfriend not child) apparently let himself get launched off a teeter totter INDOORS when he was a child. broke his elbow doing that. must be something about boy children.

dragon knitter said...

honey, i had fall babies. my second and fourth had me in the ER every other month for like 3 years. even now, at 21 & 12, they're accident prone. i was helping the 21 year old change her battery, and she stuck her pinky finger BETWEEN the pliers handle, and scraped the living daylights out of it. she swore it was broken, but i checked, and it's just banged up (dont' ask how i know, i'd probably get burnt at the stake, lol).

they do eventually grow up enough to take themselves to the emergency room, lol.

in fact child #3 fell so hard at a wedding, TWICE, that we took him to the emergency room, too. i think he was 3. they said he was fine.

btw, i have 4 kids, lol.

Allegra said...

Wow. Thank goodness everything ended up ok!