Thursday, January 18, 2007

I've been blogged.

Lolly blogged me.
She's encouraging me to start my
Ribbi Cardi and maybe it's the push I need.
It's been all about socks here and I've enjoyed that...but..

The other night when I was dreaming about my knitting (you do that, don't you?)
I was making project lists and figured out that it's January and I still have
Hourglass and Ribbi Cardi to finish before the cold weather ends.

Hm.....I guess I should get going.

I am part of the
L&V Sock Marathon, and that ends in March but if I wait, that's 2 sweaters to finish in March and then it will be April and then I would not have had much use of my hand knits.

So, need to finish the Hourglass. It has been pulled out of
time-out and I have figured out the front/back divisions and put the markers back on. Just need to check my stitch count and place the arms back on. (Non-knitters are so not following this right now).

Lolly--thanks for the push. I hear ya.
I'm going, I'm going.

I will publicly say that I will work on Hourglass tonight (after company leaves) and once finished I will immediately cast on for
Ribbi Cardi.
Look for a picture this weekend or you can bad-blog me (I just made that up).


said... about black-blogging? Like black-balling, or give you a blog flog, but that just sounds uncomfortable.

I know what you mean about the socks thing. That was why I started my raglan. It's beautiful. I love it. Even though I will run out of yarn before I can buy more. lol

Dreaming about knitting? Me too. :) Actually I was daydreaming about it today and I think that, not only am I going to dye yarn for us, I'm going to create a pattern too. What do you think?

kimberly said...

Sounds good! I'll be watching and slowly working on mine. :)