Friday, January 12, 2007

Dear Mr Murphy...

I don't like your "laws" and I don't' like it when they affect my knitting.

Why am I always doomed to tangles and problems.

So last night after FINALLY getting Princess B to bed (it took 1.5 hours and she was still fussing about "needing" something)..I decided to make some tea, wind some yarn and start some socks.

Hubby socks are coming along, but after 2 full nights of the sock looking the same, I wanted some big fat yummy yarn that would give me progress.
So, while the tea was steeping I figured I would wind some new yarn. Figuring it would only take 5 minutes.
Silly me.

It went something like this:
Wind until the gears of the ball winder grind.
Yarn decides to slip off the swift and get tangled in the gears.
Suddenly it's a "not-so-swift".
Try to fix, yarn comes off the spokes.
Try to put yarn back on spoke, spoke breaks and smashes into my cheek.
Resist urge to yell at swift, pour some tea.
Drink some tea while staring at the swift.
Stop winding and de-tangle the yarn from the swift.
The swift is now "swift".
Wind again only now the ball winder is not making a cake, it's making a mess.
Take mess of the ball winder and untangle knots.
Re-wind yarn to make a nice cake.
Swift is not-so-swift, again.
Resist 2nd urge to yell at swift and try to pull on it gently.
Make hubby come and help, since he built the swift and might be able to speak nicely to it, to make it work.
Wind s-l-o-w-l-y as hubby's swifting is too fast for the swift.
Make a nice yarn cake.
Take last bit of yarn off the swift only to find...tangles.
Hubby says "how do you feel about this tangle?"
He is implying I should just cut my losses and cut the knots.
Take pile of knots and realize this is my lot in pick knots from pretty skeins of yarn.

Take pretty cake (now free of knots), cast on with pretty needles--do gauge swatch.
Reach for crochet hook.
Try to figure out where 3 y/old puts crochet hook.
Decide to "finger knit" and make own provisional cast on.
Pick up stitches....
grab pretty yarn to cast on......

.........Knock at door.

Friend is returning car.
Drive friend home.
Wonder if it's really worth all the effort, this knitting stuff.

Return home and see pretty yarn cake, pretty needles and really good tea...waiting.

Sit down and finally cast on....

And after all that, I got a toe done.
I love this toe.

It took an entire evening and less than 2 hours knitting.

and on another note (are you still reading this?)
I did some more dyeing yesterday.

I love this one...I think I'll call it: "Nemo and Dory". It totally looks like them--blue and orange/white.

and more random things:
Behold, something rarely seen in our house:

Little man, actually sitting still.

This is usually what pictures of him look like:

This was a really long, really rambly post. Thanks to all of you who stuck it out till the end.There's still time to de-lurk.


m. said...

I love your rambling, it feels very close to my rambling. :) The toe is beautiful.


It's worth it. This knitting thing. Boy is it worth it. I too love the rambling, as I'm prone to it myself.

That toe looks gorgeous!!

Alison said...

That whole process sounds so incredibly frustrating! You are clearly a very patient person -- and that is a nice toe. :)

kimberly said...

Damn murphy again. He visits me all the time, I wonder how he gets around so fast. Do you think he's taken some pointers from Santa?
Love the yarn!!! Nemo kicks butt. Well, at least my kids think so. :)