Monday, January 08, 2007

Sock Yarn Stash

Sock Yarn Stash
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I'm almost embarrassed to post this. (click on the picture for notes)
This is my sock yarn stash.
I posted this as part of L&V's Sock Yarn Marathon.
It should actually be part of Knit from your really I have all the yarn I need for a long long long time.

Now I have been collecting this for a year or so, and most of it was bought at a great discount, or free, but still.

My goal is only to use the yarn I already have (a sweater kit included) unless it's knitting for presents. From the look of this pile....that's a good goal to have.

I have 4.3 miles (approx) of sock yarn and my goal is to knit 1 mile in the next 3 months...

So, to change the subject.

Here's a picture of the progress of the wheel....

It's coming...I can't wait for it to be finished.

I did some dyeing on the weekend.I wanted to dye the Henry's Attic stuff I have, but I might wait for the mail...I got some more dye and some synthrapol from someone who was getting rid of their stash.

The roving dyeing was fun...fuzzy picture, but you get the drift. I put some (what I thought was) black in stripes..turned out it was brown. I still think it looks cool.

and in other news:
Meg has made a pair of my I dreamed of Africa Socks.

Don't they look purdy??

She did them toe up with some Vesper yarn and I think they look great. I'm glad that someone has knit the pattern up and that it wasn't impossible to follow.

I think there are others that want to knit it, so I'm hoping that I get some more feedback.

That's all, Happy Monday!!!


meg said...

Feel free to link!


Oh yes, not only do I plan on making them, the yarn I plan to make them with is en route!

However, I'm participating in Project Spectrum so they won't get done until Feb/March. As soon as they are I'll let you know!