Thursday, January 11, 2007

Suddenly I want ice-cream

Did some dyeing yesterday.

I loved my previous attempt at Brown and pink and wanted to try again.

I bought some old pots at a 2nd hand store and wanted to try some dyeing on the stove (is this kettle dyeing??)

Anyways, I love how it turned out:

Totally reminds me of this:

I want to try some more today with some blues and oranges.

So you need to go and and visit a blogfriend here:
She and I have the same brain lately

Our resolutions (not really resolutions but things we'd like to change) almost identical.

She also just blogged about wanting to dye yarn to get $$ for a wheel...same brain.

She is also going to knit my sock pattern some-time soon.

She also sent me some yarn a while back and I think I totally forgot to thank her.

See the yarn (it's the pink one, sorry about the cropped pictured by my camera is being fuzzy):

it's so purdy.
Plus she has the cutest kids....

Speaking of cute kids, here's a blurry picture of mine from last night:

Brenna was in timeout for screaming in her brother's face. He couldn't bear her sitting there alone so he sat beside her and rubbed her leg to let her know it was okay. They just sat there and held hands, it was so cute!

This morning we had a huge game of tag after breakfast. Aidan has figured out how to tag you, and how to do it gently. He runs up to you, puts his hand on your heart and says "it", then "get you" and runs away. What a big boy! Now if only I can get him to stop jumping over the couch and eating dog food....



Wow...not only do we have the same brain but apparently our kids share brainwaves as well!

My son doesn't like to see his sister in the corner, he'll go talk to her or stand in the opposite corner. He eats dog food too, and cat food, and toast out of the garbage! Although, Heather was the one who used to jump over the couch.