Thursday, January 11, 2007

It's national....

delurking week.
Some others are giving questions to help people to delurk..

So, tell me a story..
Who taught you to knit? How old were you?

I'll go first.

I was taught when I was 6. I remember my Grandmother coming to visit and teaching my sister and I to knit in our living room.
I can still see the yellow acrylic (maybe I should say hear...squeak, squeak) and the green needles in my hand.

That's my tell me yours.




Yay! You're doing a delurking post too! hehe

My story is so not exciting. I taught myself to knit December 2005 because I wanted to knit that kitty hat. My first project was a horrible pair of greenish-blue varigated Lion Brand Homespun or something. Yuck.