Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Updates, get your updates here.

Some sock progress:

The lighting is horrible but you get the picture.

The sock on the right--I started 2 weeks ago and haven't touched since last Wednesday.The sock on the left I started last Thursday and have only knit on for 3 nights.

I love big fat sock yarn.

I took me about an hour today on the pink sock what took an entire night on the zebra sock.

I needed something quick that would show progress and I got it. The pink yarn is the beautiful stuff from Shadkitty that she apparently got from here.

and in other progress news...something of a belated Christmas's gift:

it's an Ashford bobbin for the wheel that hubby is making.
a full shot:

sigh...can't wait to use it.

this post has taken me WAY too long to write and it's a silly little post.

I'm tired and i need to knit on that sock.

actually, it's 10;30 and I have yet to have dinner (a cinnamon dolce latte from St. Arbucks and some sweet potato chips shouldn't count...)

oh, and under the category of stupid things found in my house, look-y what hubby found in the attic:
we've lived here 4 years and never been in the attic. when we moved in we were told that it wasn't usable for storage space b/c of the humidity.
why on earth would someone want this, and why did they leave it behind?
thank goodness tomorrow is garbage/recycle day...



Okay, that's weird.

But the sock looks beautiful! I'm happy about it. My first spinning class is next weekend, I am so excited. :)