Friday, January 19, 2007

Eye candy friday

This is my eye candy for today:

The Neopolitan cake:

and the Nemo/Dory cake:

(actually that one is kinda Miami Dolphins-esque)

I thinking of selling these, but have a couple of questions for you.
These are sport weight superwash (!) yarns and are 8 oz skeins (about 560 yards).
Would you pay $30 US for this, knowing it would make 2 pairs of socks?
or would you rather pay $15 and have 1/2 the skein?

Because of the base yarn (Kona Superwash) I used, that is what I'd have to charge to make my money back.
I would throw in free shipping for those in North America.

So, if you like either of them, leave a comment, or send a e-mail.

Back to the dye-pot.....



I was debating this myself too. I'd say go for splitting it in half. Not because the price is crazy, but because I have found sock knitters have small attention spans. (like me) So, two pairs of socks with the same yarn might not be as exciting as it sounds at first.

Allegra said...

I agree with Kitty. I love both skeins! They are beautiful! I think you could share the love even more if you split the skeins.

Midnight2sticks said...

GORGEOUS! I would say $15 as well-thats just me personally.