Thursday, September 13, 2007

Work? I'm going to work ???

Yes, I was at work today. Well not so much work as sitting all day at court.
Did I ever tell you what I did in my previous life (before little man and knitting and dyeing and spinning??)
I was a Social Worker/Child Protection worker for the Children's Aid Society.
I investigated and assessed abuse and neglect of children.
Fun times.
I loved the people I worked with--some of the hardest working people I have ever met.
I left that job to stay home with the kids and have not looked back.
Monday night I get a message from my friend at work that I was being subpoenaed to court for a trial, on a case I had 3 years ago. Gak!
I went to work on Tuesday to review the file, picked up some more notes last night and was all set for 10:30am today---which became noon, which became 2pm...and then got frazzled when they asked for me out of turn from other witnesses.
But it's over--I think I only tripped over my tongue 8 times--not bad for 45 minutes of testimony and 4 lawyers.

All done now.

Afterwards I bought myself and iced caramel macchiato and was going to look for yarn stores to soothe my soul but decided against it. I did receive some lovely laceweight alpaca and a book from yogurt and granola.
That is just what I needed today.
The kids are out with hubby for something to eat (the smell of burned rice overwhelmed me and the house when I got home--and I am going to veg, watch a movie and play with yarn tonight)

That is all.