Saturday, September 22, 2007

Wednesday? I haven't posted since Wednesday??

Maybe that's why I'm down a couple of readers on bloglines.
I think my lack of enthusiasm in posting is catching.

Anyways, I have some stuff to show you:

Sock is going well, I've only really done knitting on it a little bit at a time (when the kids are playing quietly which doesn't happen for long stretches), in the car, waiting for a pot to boil etc.
I hope to get to the heel soon and keep this motivation going.


"Olive Bark" is all spun up and ready for plying.
There is a new tutorial in
Knitty about plying that I think I will read a couple of times before I try this. I think my plying needs work and I really want to get better at it because....(actually I will save that secret for tomorrow--it deserves a post of it's own)

Look-y what I got!

It helps to know people who know things. I went into our library to pick up my latest installment/addiction (Kathy
Reichs book #8) and the Librarian who is part of our Spinning Guild told me that she saw an antique drum carder at a store about 15 minutes from my town.
Hubby was with the kids so I decided to just drive right out there to find it.
It was in the basement and when I asked the owner the story behind it--he said he had had it for about 8-10 years and didn't know anything else about it!
definitely needs cleaning and oiling and there is a broken piece of wood (you can see it at the front in the picture) but I'm sure hubby can fix that.
If it doesn't end up working, it was a decent gamble and I will be happy with having tried to make it work.

hope that hubby will be able to fix it soon so I can get working on the fleece. I want to keep working on this regularly so that I can get knitting.

So, TV season has started and watching Prison Break and Heroes' tonight got me to the heel of my sock. Tomorrow I will actually start the heel and I hope to get some good knitting time in during a playgroup. I haven't been in more than a year and it's a good chance to connect with an old friend from work.
So, tomorrow there will be more pretty pictures and hopefully more sock to see.