Sunday, September 02, 2007

No pictures.

If you want pictures, you can move along.
This is just an update post.
The wheel--is still mine. Apparently there are no returns from that store.
I am still going to see if anyone from the guild wants it--but otherwise hubby will have fun playing with it, and making it work.

I gifted my sister with the "Delight" handspun for her birthday. She was happy--she just kept ooohing and aaahing over it.
I also gave her some Merino/Tencel to try out.
AND--tonight my friend V (Hi V) bought 2 more skeins of my yarn--that's makes 5.
She has finished 2 pairs of socks from my dyeing adventures, so I will have to take pictures and create a gallery.

Anyone else out there actually knit from my stuff yet???
If you have a picture, send it to me and i'll create a gallery
sprouty25 AT gmail DOT com

that's it for tonight.
I'm swatching for Princess B's slippers....and she is "sittin knittin" with me (wrapping a ribbon around a piece of plastic). So. cute.