Friday, September 07, 2007

Wow actual finished items

Cotton Hat
Originally uploaded by thechickswithsticks.

This is another Child's Cotton Hat, done in Mission Falls Cotton.
This is going to be an entry into our County Fair that starts tonight.

The little bit of yarn on the book?? That's what was left over from the ball. I didn't think I'd have enough to finished the i-cord as I needed at 10inch sample to include with my fair entry. Whew, I just made it.

I am also putting in a skein of handspun (only 1 skein allowed per person), a small neck scarf made from my Shetland handspun, some Bread and some salsa.
It's my first time entering anything-but our Guild was told that the Handspinning might be cut from the program if people didn't enter.
I'll also be spinning at the Fair tonight from 5-10pm.

I started some Mohair baby booties too, but since I only started them yesterday afternoon, I didn't get them done before the cut off last night (I almost made it).

I also entered my handspun Shetland, um, scarf.
This is the "lace shawl" I blogged about in weeks past, but apparently never posted a picture of.

The pattern is here and is supposed to be knittable with any size yarn.

Well, I figured out a good needle size and this is what I got:.

It's only slightly larger than my hand. So, I entered it as a neck Kerchief, and we'll see what happens.

I was just trying to bump up the handspun handknit entries as others in the guild had some items...

Anyways, I think I shall cast on another pair of socks--I have a couple of test knitting patterns I want to try out.

Have a happy weekend!!!