Friday, September 28, 2007

Funny thing about socks

The more you knit on them, the longer they get.
Who'd a thunk it???

Jitterbug sock is now way above my ankle--(no pictures because camera batteries died) but it will be put on hold for a bit because....
I cast on another sock.
I've been after my Dad for a week or so to send me his measurements so I could knit him socks for his birthday.
He was here last weekend and I totally forgot. He did a drive by visit to our house Wed night and I got out the measuring tape--yesterday I swatched and last night I cast on.
I'm doing a basic toe up sock with a Garter Rib stitch in some Fleece Artist sock yarn that I've had for a year.
I hope I can get them done by next Saturday--but the good thing about this pattern is that it's easy to memorize and I can just knit a little bit at a time...that's the plan anyways.

Olive Bark is finished and plied

and set and pretty....

I'm very happy with it.
It's my first attempt at a 3 ply and they plying is by far my best yet.
the picture are a little blurry and the colour is a bit off--it's about halfway between the colour on the bobbin and what is above (and then the camera batteries died)

I think it will be a baby gift..
If/when I get these socks done.

This is my Friday Fibre content....
Happy weekend.
I hope to get a lot knit on the socks. Hubby is working all weekend--well, gone all night and gone all day tomorrow so the kids won't see him until Sunday probably. I hope things are quiet and that I stay awake long enough to knit (fell asleep after Grey's Anatomy last night..Did you see it? Can anyone tell me what happened in the last 10 minutes?? My silly sister called..and she was watching it too....)