Monday, September 17, 2007

Some pretty things

Aidan's Socks
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I need some pictures to show on this blog.
Luckily these socks are FINALLY finished. I know that my son has huge feet, but there is no reason why these took me so long.
These were knit with what was left of the Opal "Zebra" yarn that I knit hubby's socks with.
I did measured and did a gauge swatch and fudged "Generic" toe up pattern.
The cuff is short, because--there was not much yarn left.

I also did some dyeing last week for the first time in forever--dyed up 8oz of some superwash merino roving likely to be spun into a t-shirt of sweater for me.
I'm thinking this, but that it's pretty summery, so we'll see.

I started some new socks.

I think I am in love.

For whatever reason the Jitterbug was calling to me.
I think it wanted to be some plain toe up socks--but I'm going to try to make toe-up Monkeys, since my other Monkey's might be garbage.
Oh, did I ever post about that??
I washed them for the first time by soaking them in Eucelan. I accidentally soaked them overnight and ever since then, well, they are nasty.
They smell.
I cannot describe the smell. Think dirty diaper left in a hot car (or something. No, I have never done that, but that's about the most foul smell I could think of right now)
I have rinsed them, soaked them over and over and over but the smell lingers.
Plus the dye all ran together which means my striped Pink, Black and Red socks are now a smelly grey, dingy mess.
I think they are going to the g.a.r.b.a.g.e. (I didn't even want to spell that outright because the thought of throwing out socks that co$$T that much and were so pretty is sickening)

Anyways, the Jitterbug socks might make up for that. Did I mention I love the yarn??
It's got a nice tight twist, it's springy and smooshy (words that sock knitters know) and the colours are amazing.

It's the "Bright Charcoal" colourway which is predominantly grey and black--but there are little smatterings of colour that peek through--emerald green, burgundy, sapphire blue.

It's dreamy