Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Pickles, Pea Soup and Postage

Pretty original title huh??
Pickles are there because I cracked and finally opened a jar from my homemade pickles.
Princess B requested a ham,cheese, pickle, tomato, green and red pepper sandwich for lunch--which is fine and that is what she ordered at Subway for "first day of school" supper.
They are pretty dilly--but good.
Pea Soup is what I am having for lunch.

*wow I just googled this for a picture and had NO IDEA that this is considered a delicacy*
weird, but it is good.

Postage--i am on a rant again about mailing things to Canada.
Why on earth is it so expensive for US companies to ship to Canada?? Why is it more expensive for me to ship to Canadian customers than the US or Europe??
Why has it taken more than 2 weeks for me to receive the 4 parcels I am still waiting for???

Side note-I have to plug Wool2Dye4 again. Sheila is wonderful. I tried to check postage to order some more roving from her--she informed me of the best rate and that means I can order 5 times as much for the same shipping that I paid before. She is doing what she can to make sure that things work for all her customers--Canadian or not.
This is exciting for me, because otherwise I'd have to add $3 per item to cover my shipping costs--and that stinks.

But, I hope to have lots more roving soon--which means more dyeing.
I haven't felt inspired to dye lately. I don't know what's wrong--whether it's still the blahs that have been lasting all summer--whether my sleep is off or what.
I used to dye when hubby was out at night and he hasn't had evening meetings all summer.
Who knows.
If you have some colour inspiration or dyeing mojo--send it this way.

I have some colourway ideas and a theme project I've been wanting to do, but we'll see.

For knitting: still working on little man's zebra socks--almost to the heel of the 2nd sock.
I want to knit that Shetland shawl again, now that I know how the pattern will work out.
I will be starting again on my Ribby Cardi if the weather stays cool.