Saturday, September 08, 2007

There shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth

First Day of School.


At 8:15 Thursday morning if you stood outside, wherever you were in the world, you might have heard sobbing.
(I actually wrote this post on Thursday, but then haven't posted it, too busy crying and being too busy)

That was me--dropping Princess B off for her first day of school

Due to some drama and glitches in registration from not 1 but 2 schools--she missed the actual first day of school on Tuesday, so today is her first day.
(No, we didn't tell her that she missed the first day--I
MIGHT tell her when she's 25. My Mother missed my first day of school b/c of work and never forgave herself...)
So, anyways.

She was excited--she RAN to school once she saw other kids.

She got to play in the yard until the bell rang and the Teacher had the kids line up.

That's when she got nervous and asked her Daddy to walk her inside (I was too busy crying and trying to hide my crying by talking to Aidan in the stroller).
Hubby helped her find her
cubby hole, told her to have a good day and she ran to sit on the mat. She gave him a thumbs up and said she'd be fine.
I was still sobbing walking away from the school and told hubby
Some caffeine and a chocolate croissant later, I was feeling okay.
I knew she'd be fine. I knew she'd have a great day. I knew she'd make friends (this kid is the most social kid ever--she wants to know
everyone's name including the girls at the check out counter, the garbage man and/or any child she has ever seen)

But this is also the kid that is with me every day, talking to me every moment she is awake.
What is someone is mean to her?
What if someone pushes her or is not nice.
(I have joked with a friend of mine about standing outside the playground where she can't see me and just watching her play).
She has already wondered "what if the Teacher doesn't like me?" "What if I ask her a question and she doesn't hear me?"
But then a few minutes later was telling her Dad "I can't wait to be in school with JUST KIDS, no Moms or Dads".

and you know what? She was fine.
She ran out to me and the first thing she said? "She gave us PAPER!"
Apparently when the Teacher gives you paper, that is the coolest thing ever.
She got to "go outside 3 times".
all sorts of fun and funny comments from her day.
She doesn't remember
anyone's name, except the Teacher (whose name I'm not sure I can pronounce).

I had a nice morning teaching a friend to spin on a drop spindle, and lending her some fibre for the fair.
I cleaned and had some quiet time while Aidan slept and then we did our usual downtown walk, bought her some flowers and went to pick her up at school.

We had a swim, ate Subway for dinner (her choice) and I gave her some presents
(A Princess lamp for her room, Pink crocks and the coolest thing ever that I bought from here)

So, the day has come and gone and now I can get used to a whole new adventure with these two:

Next week she goes for 3 days.
Pass the Kleenex