Wednesday, September 19, 2007


has got to stop.

Really bad picture but this is what my front yard/street has looked like all summer.
They have been replacing the sewage/water pipes on our street.
We have not been able to park in our driveway since June. This blurry picture is from 2 weeks ago when they finally took pity on me trying to pull a stroller backwards up the incline, stepping over rocks, concrete pieces and getting stuck in the dirt--and gave us a driveway.

This is the driveway I was so excited about..blurry picture because I was just that excited.
(seriously, who takes a picture of a dirt driveway???)
Then they took it away again so that they could do the curbs.
It's kind of annoying to park around the corner while:
a) carrying a 2 year old
b) carrying 10 bags of groceries
c) walking through the MUD in your Church clothes
sigh--i know i am complaining--but today, AGAIN the construction outside our house woke Aidan up from his 20 minute nap.
The child has been up since 6am, he NEEDS to sleep.
The gigantic trees that they cut down that fall and shake the house, the jackhammers at 6:30am, the dirt everywhere, cutting through the gas line making our whole neighbourhood smell of gas TWICE, the not being able to even walk to our car because the neighbours have no front lawn.
I'm tired of it.
and I think now i need some coffee to cope with crying, screaming, whining sick children who just want some sleep.

*Later* Whew, that was yucky
I'm better now.
Wanna see why???

It's a skein of "Zulu Knitty" from Scout's Swag.
It's apparently an "Oops" skein that had some colour transfer, so it's discounted--I can't see anything wrong with it--and it's dreamy.

My first Loopy Ewe order arrived.
I ordered some Trekking because I've never tried it before and it's pretty.
I also ordered some laceweight to do the Secret Shawl. I signed up for it forever ago but didn't actually knit it with the KAL because I've not really done lace before and I wanted to find some laceweight.
This stuff is the same Yarn that the Harlot used and blogged about, so I thought it would pass the test.
I will try to knit this in little bits--I need some beads first.
and Sheri (of the Loopy Ewe) included some sample of Regia Silk and Bamboo as well as a needle inventory set. Cool beans.

I think now when my son is not sleeping and the construction is making my teeth chatter (like now, how on earth could a truck up the street be that loud)--I will look at my yarn and I will be happy.

Oh, and ARRRRG
It's International Talk Like a Pirate Day.
I give you this yarn:

I actually named it "Arggggg"
I intend to put it in my shop later today--but if anyone wants it from here, I'll sell it for $16 US plus shipping.