Monday, September 10, 2007

The Fair

Was fun.
I spun Friday night from 5 till about 9:30. Spoke with many people--talked about fibre, dyeing, my home made wheel.
It seems that men and children were the most interested in the spinning.
Go figure.

I walked around a bit and had some onion rings that I've been craving for weeks.
Saturday we went back to the fair late in the afternoon to do rides and food with the kids.
**and for me to have my deep fried Mars bar---soooooo good and worth every penny**

Yesterday we went back again to clean up hubby's booth and pick up my prizes.

The red ribbon was for my Bread, the green (3rd place) for my Salsa--the light purple ribbon is an "Honourable Mention" which my little scarf was awarded.
I found someone on Ravelry that has knit that shawl, and it actually is a shawl. She told me how to make the increases to make it larger. It's not written in the pattern (which is why I couldn't figure it out) but I guess just a given, if you've knit lace before.
Princess B is so excited now that she gets to wear the purple hat.

My friends children did the 4-H sheep club and did presentations and demonstrations this weekend. They have Shetlands at their house and used some of my fibre and a baby skein to show as "finished products".

At the Guild meeting last week, one member brought her drum carder so I got to try one out for the first time. I made 4 batts and spun one that day and spun the rest this week and Friday at the fair. It is turning out into a beautiful tweedy/heathered colour.

I can't wait to card more and get spinning this fleece finally.

And in other news, I signed up for the Spunky Eclectic Fibre Club.
It's $10 per month (plus $5 shipping, with no extra charges for Canadian orders!!!)
I can cancel any time--but I figure that I will get an amazing opportunity to try out some different fibres, with exclusive colours for $10 (which is an AMAZING deal).
I started a group over at flickr for creations with Amy's yarns.
I called it the "Spunky Junkies", with Amy's blessings.

So, there shall be more spinning to show soon.
I'm trying my first 3 ply with the roving I got from Insubordiknit.

I need to get some more roving.
I just gave away my last batch of undyed stuff- and I need to do some natural dyeing for the Guild--for a Christmas tree decorating Charity event for Christmas.
I was thinking of trying to learn to needle felt as well--to felt a little Earth since the theme is "Green" (all natural--which is why we are doing natural dyeing)

It's off to get school supplies for Princess B--she goes for 3 days this week.