Monday, May 01, 2006

wanna hear a sob story??

Okay, so I didn't finish my sockapaloooza socks for today.
I have spent more hours unraveling the knots in my hank than in finishing this pair. I went to a women's conference this weekend and spent the whole day unraveling yarn. My sister crocheted about 6-8 breast cancer pins and all I had to show for myself was a couple of little balls of unraveled yarn.
sigh again.
I don't want to cut the yarn but I may have to otherwise it will be next May before these socks are finished.
I am about to e-mail my sock buddy to tell her the sad news.
sock buddy--I am so sorry.
but don't worry--they are coming...I will work...I will not sleep...I will drink way too much coffee and neglect my children to get them done..Well, okay not that far but I will, yes I WILL get them done this week.
my buddy got ditched last time sockapalooza came around. Then her sock saviour ditched her, now her new sockapaloooza buddy has fallen.
okay, less time blog surfing and more time knitting.