Thursday, May 18, 2006

Oops my bad.

I didn't take another picture of them before they went off.
I was excited to get them mailed.
I stayed up late weaving in all the ends (there was some breaking of yarn due to all the knots)
I put a little bit of yarn for darning and some Canadian wildflower seeds for her garden!
not much, but knitting wise, there's not much that I can get too with the wee ones.
hope she likes them, hope they fit.
I will stalk her blog to see and maybe steal a picture.
I've already cast on for 2 more pairs of socks. Started a toe-up-short-row sock for Princess B in a yummy Regia ball that looks like rainbow ice-cream!
I also ripped back my Koigu anklets as I couldn't figure out where I had left off all those months ago.
And then it hit me...This Koigu is the most wonderful yarn I think I have ever touched.
I have frogged it at least 3 times and it's not splitting, not fuzzy, not anything but perfect...
no wonder people love it so much.

Oh, and on the bad news front. The sheep farm/knitting store (that I have yet to visit) is for sale! Yes for a cool half million it could be yours.
I hear that she wants to sell the farm and open a knitting store/B&B that still will be close by.
But that means that I need to go to the yarn store soon....tee hee...more birthday money spending?