Sunday, May 21, 2006

I guess this picture will have to do.

I have had some hits on the blog...likely people looking for pictures of the finished socks.
this will have to do:

until I get info from the sock buddy that they actually fit and they are wearable.
edited to add: they fit!!! wohoo! and she likes them, she really likes them (said to sound like sally field).
Toe-up Jaywalkers knit on one long US 2 needle.
Yarn: some hand-dyed blue from a LYS in the next town over. The colourway doesn't have a name but it's a nice bright blue with lighter blue throughout.
Sad to say this LYS owner recently died. I was looking for her new location, e-mailed her and got a response from her family to say that she died suddenly. Sorry to see her go--nice that her yarn was made into special things for others to enjoy!!!

I cast on for glampyre's one skein wonder but I'm having a little trouble the pattern. Has anyone made this??
can you please help me figure out how to do the edges? Am I just picking up stitches and doing the moss and then ribbing??
care to comment??

I know there are some that read this blog. I even found someone once who put my blog on their sidebar! (little ole' me!!) of course, I didn't bookmark it and now I can't find you...Where are you?


alison said...

Hiya! Great looking socks. Love the color!!

Ann said...

Kudos for getting them done! Mine are in the frog pond. And I too love the color.

Anonymous said...

Hi - I just came over to see your pretty socks! The one skein wonder pattern has moss stitch on the sleeves and ribbing around the opening. You put the sleeves on scrap yarn, then knit the moss stitch on those. You pick up stitches around the edge and do ribbing on that. Of course, you can finish it however you like!

jenknits said...

Oh, that blue is sooo pretty!

Kirsten said...

I've done a few OSW's. I put moss on both the sleeve edges and the body edging on one, and picot on the sleeves and moss on the body on another. The beauty of the OSW is that it is really easy to modify. I even did one with 3/4 sleeves.