Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Knitting post

Okay, enough about shoes.
on the knitting front:
the socks are almost done!
I am working on the cuffs right now (well not right now) and they should be finished tonight.
I know I have said that a hundred times already, but it's taken me so long to unravel the ball of knotted yarn.
and with the baby sick and blah blah blah I had only been getting an inch or two per night.
so...The top of the heels are done and my plan is to knit until the yarn is finished as I don't have much left.
I was going to go back to the shop where I bought the yarn to see if she had more (and also as I wanted some dyable yarn) but the owner sadly passed away...
I am glad to own some of her hand-dyed yarn and that it will pass on to a sock friend.
by they way, Princess B keeps saying "is your sockfriend Lisa?" everytime I pull out the socks to knit them.
Yes, poor Lisa.
I'm still here...I'm still working.....
I'm almost done...Thanks for your patience....