Sunday, May 28, 2006


Some of you might know that this summer hubby and I are going to Kenya for 3 weeks to work with AIDS orphans.
We had a team meeting today and as trip details get finalized it's starting to become more real.
for those who don't know we are going to 3 spots in Africa that work with AIDS orphans and provide aid to children and families in need.
I have blogged about it before

I have also just added a donation button on my sidebar, for any of you that would choose to help our trip.

basically--we've paid for our flight and will be paying for hotel and the vacation part of the trip.
the extra money we are bringing is for whatever the greatest need is.
for example: one of the places we are going has a well with no pump and no real way to get the water out. So, while we are there we hope to just give the money for them to buy a pump that works and make some sort of contraption to allow running water.
we are short on funds for our trip and we are leaving in less than six weeks.
if everyone who reads this gave $5.00 then our "gift money" would be greater.
that's all.
we've heard all about
make poverty history and many other organizations working in Africa.
this is one small way you can help.

some of the places we are going:
and the
Moffat Bible College in Kijabe

any questions? Drop me a line at sprouty25 AT gmail DOT com.