Tuesday, May 02, 2006

something funny...

I don't usually use this blog to post random thoughts and funny stories, but this article was a laugh-out-loud-funny read.
it's an article about tom cruise's baby. I just can't help feeling sorry for the little tyke...and the article expresses some of the same thoughts that I have had...
read on:

on the knitting front---I was actually preparing myself to cut the sock yarn...sat down with scissors and when looking for the best place to cut, all of a sudden it started unraveling really well!! I got about 1/4 of it unraveled last night to knit with. The actually knitting part was another story as little princess decided to come downstairs at 10pm still awake, because she needed "another" story...
there shall be knitting tonight...Oh yes, there shall.
I have e-mailed the sock buddy to apologize, but haven't given her my blog address, so she's likely not reading this but if she is "SORRY AGAIN".
less posty--more knitty.

are we supposed to put gifts in the box too?? What gifts do you give a sock sister??
any thoughts?