Tuesday, May 09, 2006

and the gifts just keep on coming!

so i was going to the city to see a friend who just had a baby.
i went to the post office fist and---surprise!!! sockpal socks!
i was soooo excited i could not stop myself. i ripped into the package while driving and was so happy to see my socks!
so excited in fact, that i couldn't wait to try them on....so i didn't....i didn't wait, that is.
i actually tried one sock on while driving into the city...i wish i had a camera.
it was quite the scene to be driving on a small highway, with my foot on the dashboard admiring the colours of the sock, in the sunlight.

and behold, i give to you, my socks:

aren't they gorgeous????
she handpainted the yarn!!!!
the pattern is from Interweave Press and is a lace pattern.
i love them. i wore them to bed and i don't want to take them off!!!
close up of the pattern:

my sockpal socks are going slow..but i have manage to get many more inches done.
i thought hubby and i were going for a big drive today and i could knit an hour each way, but it doesn't look like i will get to go..happy birthday to me.

yes, it's my birthday!

so far, not so good...was up half the night with the princess and the prince got up at 4:30am. i finally got him back to bed at 5:30am and prayed (God, all I want for my birthday is for him to go back to sleep!)..is that wrong?
So I got to sleep in until 8:30am but got up to the little prince losing every ounce of food from the last 24 hours....sick sick sick...again.
and the diapers?? well, let's just say he's already changed outfits twice and had a bath and it's only noon. so the stomach virus starts again at our house....
on a good note--hubby bought me a day at a spa!!!!
he thought i could go today (and while i scrubbed vomit off the floor i was thinking "Yes, yes I'll go right now") but you need to book ahead....

new socks=good
stomach virus again=bad
sock knitting time=good
many outfit changes and multiple baths for the sick little prince=bad.

i think i shall go sit in the sun and do some knitting...good day!


Sabrina said...

Hi Ann-Marie!

I'm so glad that you received your socks and that you like them! It was a lot of fun picking out the yarn and pattern. Happy knitting!