Thursday, May 25, 2006

One Skein Wonder-Girl

Here it is:

and with Wonder-Girl modeling it for me:

I was originally making this for me...hmm....Something must be wrong with my gauge. (insert *gasp* of amazement here)
Yes, I just used whatever purple stuff I had around, lost the ball band and had no idea what weight it was. I could have guessed that it would fit me...And it almost didn't fit her.
I had to almost bribe her to get her to wear it. She tried it on for me for a minute on Tuesday when it was done and that was it. Yesterday I had to tell her I'd "email" a picture to her favourite cousin, but she'd have to wear it first...It worked.
Maybe I should just make things for the baby...He can't protest yet. I don't think he'd wear a purple shrug though...

oh well....She is loving the pink, blue and yellow socks I am making:

She thinks they look like rainbow ice-cream, and that's good enough for me.....